25 Ways Wealth

Drives World Change

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So you wanna be a world changer?

Time & Money

It's true. It takes more than money to change the world and to do good, but typically

you can only go so far before needing some sort of financial assistance to continue to make an impact.

We don't create abundance. Abundance is always present.

We create limitations.

-Arnold Patent

Money is CONSTANTLY being exchanged. It is pretty much limitless because it's being transacted digitally. When good people make good money they can do great things. What would YOU do to change the world if you had 1 Million dollars in your bank account right now? Did you immediately think of a cause you would support?

See. Not all wealthy people are selfish. In fact, most aren't.

If you have that belief - consider working through that.


What charity would you fund massively if you had wealth?

Your Local Church?

Boys and Girls Club?

Make a Wish?


What types of innovation happening would you back financially if you had wealth?

Medical Advances?

Technological Advances?

Educational Advances?


What cause would you dump money in if you had wealth?

Sex Trafficking?



World Hunger?

Mental Health?

I know, building wealth is controversial. (Especially in the church)

There are misconceptions out there about wealthy people. Are there self-centered, greedy, rich people - of course. But that doesn't mean ALL wealthy people are that way. I encourage you to read through this list I've created for you and start reflecting on what GOOD you would do if you had your money working for you. I will also link to a podcast episode where I sit down with Allie Casazza and we talk about how she went from below the poverty line and miserable to running a multiple 7-figure business and feeling free.

Money is amoral. Wealth just magnifies who you already are. Like Allie said in this episode, "We need more GOOD people making GOOD money so they can do GREAT things."

25 Ways Wealth drives World Change